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The following are direct links to Facebook albums of photos from my trip to Japan in Fall 2010. You don't need to have a Facebook account to see them.

Kyoto Day 1   Michio Miyamoto's studio at Kyoto City University of the Arts, and several art supply stores

Kyoto Day 2   On our second day we went to Nishi Honganji temple and got an inside tour of the temple complex, with extraordinary Kano school paintings (no photos, sorry). Then to Aizen Kobo, a traditional indigo dye workshop, which involved a lot of wandering around little streets.

Kyoto Day 3   Miho Museum, up in the hills outside Kyoto

Mt Hiei   Took a 9am bus up to Mt. Hiei, to the Enryakuji temple complex, a Unesco World Heritage site. A lovely day, quiet, not many people, often we were alone on the wooded paths. Most people just go to the three or four main temples near the bus stop, we walked around a bit more (all day).

Kyoto Day 5   We walked for an hour up Karasuma past the Imperial palace, then took a quick cab ride to Kinkajuji, which we skipped in favor of lunch at Omen, which was great. Then we walked along the Philosopher's Walk which follows a canal, and stopped at two of the many temples: Honen-in and Nanzenji.

Two Days in Nara   Took the train to Nara and spent the night at Kankaso ryokan. We went to temples, shrines, and museums.

Nishiki market, Sanjusangen-do, Chishaku-in

Kyoto, Fushimi-inari, and Uji

Katsura and Sento Gosho Imperial Gardens   Katsura is in the southwest part of Kyoto and was built as a villa for the royal family, primarily for moon viewing. Sento Gosho is within the walls of the Imperial Palace in the center of Kyoto, and was built as a sort of retirement home for Emperors and Empresses.

Jojuin and Saihoji temple gardens   I have been to these two gardens twice before, and they remain my favorites.

Kyoto-Kanazawa-Kyoto  Museum of the 21st Century by SANAA

Kurashiki   A small town to the southwest of Kyoto known for crafts

Matsue and Izumo   Two days in the west of Japan, highlights: the Izumo shrine, museum, designed by Fumikho Maki, Lafcadio Hearn's house

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month   We took three trains to get from Matsue to Matsumoto, leaving at 7am and arriving at 3pm. From Nagoya we climbed up through the foothills to Matsumoto at the base of the Japanese Alps.

Matsumoto architecture   Two museums, a performing art center by Toyo Ito, and various vernacular buildings in Matsumoto.

Matsumoto castle

Tokyo weekend   Tokyo City Center and the Suntory Museum, Nezu Museum, Omotesando to look at architecture and clothes, then the rest of the day at the National Gallery.

Kodaiji, Shisendo, and friends   After dinner we went to Kodaiji, which is lit up at night in spring (for cherry blossoms) and fall for maples. Tuesday we spent with friend Yasu Suzuka, a photographer who went to SFAI on a Fulbright in 1974.

Higashiyama district, eastern Kyoto   We spent our second-to-last day in Kyoto in the Higashiyama district, which is on the east side of the river and up into the hills a little. It is even more picturesque than central Kyoto, and many of the older temples and shrines are there.

Kyoto, last look   Our last day included a fantastic lunch at Kappa Sakamoto and the ultimate crane photo

Kobe   Two days in Kobe, walking around, going to artists' studios, and to the Hyogo Prefectural Museum by Tadao Ando.

Sunday in Osaka   Last full day in Japan...we went to the Osaka Museum, but it was closed, so we headed for what our friend Kurose called the "junk street." We thought it would be a flea market, and it was, right after WWII, but now it is mostly cheap restaurants and clothing shops, and a few tranny performance theaters.

Goodbye Osaka   We had the morning and early afternoon to wander around Osaka before getting on the bus to the airport.



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